Do you feel that you are an intuitive person? Do you think it is something that has to be learned? Everyone uses their intuition to some degree and increasing your intuition is mostly about listening and paying attention.

Intuition is connected with the brow area or "third eye" that perceives energy and messages from the higher self, guides and can even tap into past and future energy. Not many people realise that your intuition also comes from the solar plexus area because this is the centre of your "gut feelings" and when you are "centred" you will be more likely to be "in tune" or more perceptive to your surroundings.

For the average person, the intuition is used to make decisions such as which way to travel to work to avoid traffic, to determine whether someone is trustworthy, to know who is calling when the phone rings, and so on. So the intuition is something that can be tapped at any time, as well as for deeper insights.

Here are ten tips for increasing your intuition (not in any specific order)...

1. Ask questions - This is really important when developing your intuition because insight follows the asking of a question which then allows energy to come back with a response, whether visually, symbolically, as thoughts or in other ways. This can be as simple as asking "Which way should I travel to the shops today to avoid traffic?", or deeper, such as "Which job should I take?"

2. Listen - This may seem obvious but a lot of the time we may ask the question and change our train of thought before listening to the answer. Why? It could be because we don't expect to get an accurate answer or we don't trust our own ability to intuit it. So ask the question and "leave that space" to be open to an answer. This leads to the next tip...

3. Follow the first thought - When you listen to your inner knowing, it tends to be the first thing that comes to mind that is the intuitive response. Alternative thoughts that come through after that will be the logical mind coming in to give the rational or expected answer rather than the intuitive one. So trust the first thing that comes to mind. It may be an image or symbol rather than words. It's also important to point out, as I mentioned in the introduction, that intuition also comes from the "gut feeling" so you may just get a feeling to do something in particular or just a feeling of "yes" or "no". Imagine that you've asked which way to travel one day and you are coming up to the intersection where you can go one way or the other. As you get closer, you have the question in your mind and at the last minute you just "have to" to right - you feel pulled to do so. This is an intuitive response.

4. Follow through - Now that you've received your intuitive response, follow it through and take notice of whether it was indeed the right move. This will provide your confirmation which will give you confidence and encourage you to keep asking and following the intuitive response. The more you do it, the more automatic it will become.

5. Notice synchronicities - Keep a journal of the synchronicities you notice each day. The more you pay attention to these things, the more tuned in to them you will become. Some of these synchronicities might include knowing who is calling when the phone rings, hearing from someone you were thinking about, coming across a book on a topic you wanted to explore or on something that provides information that is helpful to you, and so on. This will show you how your energy is working within the world, to bring you what you subconsciously ask for or need.

6. Practice stillness - This is one of the most helpful ways to increase your overall sense of connection with the universe, including your intuitive abilities. To achieve stillness, sit quietly and place your attention on your breathing - as you naturally inhale and exhale. Be one with your breath. This is the easiest way I know to still the mind of the persistent thoughts. Alternatively you could focus on a candle flame or something else of your choice. As the thoughts arise, don't cling onto them but let them slip away. Don't get frustrated by thoughts as they pop up because this causes you to pay more attention to them again. Just bring your attention peacefully back to your breath, the flame, etc. Regular practice of stillness will assist your intuitive awareness in day-to-day life as you let go of the mind chatter and just be "present" - right in the present moment where you can achieve greatest awareness.

7. Record your dreams - An ancient way to connect with your subconscious is to record your dreams and analyse their meaning. Having a connection to your dream life provides insight that can help you understand yourself, your life and what lies behind the daily goings-on. Dreams can also bring guidance from the higher self or guides and foretell upcoming events. The more you pay attention to them, the more you will remember and the more use they will be to you in your waking life.

8. Crystals - There are crystals that help to enhance intuition by activating the third eye or brow chakra. When you want to do any specific intuitive work, such as receiving insight from your higher self or guides, you can hold such a crystal to your third eye where you may notice a tingling or warmth on your forehead indicating the enhanced energy in the third eye. Amethyst, clear quartz, lapis lazili, sodalite and other purple and deep blue stones are good choices. You can hold the crystal for 5-10 minutes to help you "tune in" or you can hold it the whole time.

9. Oracle cards - These are tools that can assist you to receive intuitive messages from your higher self and guides. Before reading the message relating to the card/s you've drawn, try looking at the details and theme of the card/s and feeling for the meaning using your intuition. With practice, you may be surprised to find that the message in the guidebook reflects what you already intuitively felt. Look at the symbols, characters, colours and so on.

10. Be open to how you might receive intuitive messages or signs - You may have asked for some guidance with something in particular. You could try to directly receive insight or an answer to your question but if this doesn't happen, don't be disheartened. Once you ask a question, remain open and in expectation of receiving your answer. It could come through a dream, through something someone says to you, through an object that has significance such as a book or symbolic meaning of an item that you suddenly come across, or even via an animal that captures your attention.

As you can see, intuitive guidance often comes through symbolism rather than direct spoken or written answers. This is another reason why paying attention will help you, as you'll become more observant and open to recognising significant events and signs.

As with anything, practice makes perfect. As well as being more attentive and "in the moment", remember to practice stilling the mental faculties to allow the intuitive inner knowing to be felt or heard. You'll know you are on the right track when you don't find yourself saying "I KNEW I should have...!" in hindsight.