Monday, February 28, 2011


Untamed, unchained, unabashed, undaunted, undeterred, unshaken, uninhibited & totally fearless - this is the life I will live from this day forth. I am a warrior, a goddess & a strong spirit of undeniable womanhood. Sister, sister, mine!
Slowly do I evolve out of the dark, buttoned up & down of winter & feel the blood starting to trill in my veins. Possibilities, opportunities, I feel them coming closer with stronger steps & convictions.
My light shall not be dimmed, but bring forth more of myself to breathe in the world & breathe out my contribution to the very lives I love & those yet to be loved.
Let me not falter, but see clearly the grace of flow & acceptance of the beauty that surrounds my every sense.
This awakening into a new Spring will find me growing into my garden of bountiful happiness, as I wish it to be.
It is human to doubt, but it is also human to rise above the fear & grasp they very thing that burns us. An open heart is all I have.....

Monday, February 21, 2011


Ah, the veneer of words! How we glide over our feelings! But, it is in the unsaid that the acute emotion is often expressed. We advertise the gain, but seldom the loss. Moving forward is the goal & we tend to negate the things that bring us to the next aspect of our lives. The beauty of self honesty is simply accepting our pasts, as the very core of who we are. What I abhor now, I loved dearly, at one time. And without that experience, there is no growth, only deception of self. Do not turn your back on the pain, but realize that it becomes your strength, as you grow focused & sure. If it were not for yesterday YOU would not be who you are today. And of course, today is the day you begin anew with countless opportunities & freedom to be your true self. Thank you for the challenge & for letting me find my voice, rejoice!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


A week or so ago, I was going through some things I had written down a year ago around this same time. Now knowing how bottomed out I felt and certainly not knowing where I would end up, I took about and wrote my very first gratitude list.

This was not written in any specific order (my brain doesn't work that way) but rather written as I thought of what I really was grateful for at that time in my life!

1. That I retired at 47 years old
2. For two healthy, intelligent daughters (funny too!)
3. My health - I feel like I did 20 years ago
4. My youthful appearance
5. My love of decorating (my way!)
6. My love of landscaping (my way!)
7. My kindness
8. My accomplishments with money
9. My creativity
10. That my Mom raised me with morals and talents
11. God for providing all "this" to me
12. The people I've met along the way even if for a season
13. For always having a dollar
14. For the beautiful house Abdul and I built
15. For having an open mind to other cultures and religions
16. For the few friends I have
17. For the power of positive thinking
18. For understanding what being responsible really means
19. For the fabulous places I've traveled too
20. For having good credit especially during a time so many people are losing everything
21. For being understanding especially of my kids
22. For being compassionate
23. For being born into the land of the free
24. For not having the fears my Mom has had in life
25. That I am strong minded and strong spirited
26. My perseverance

Here is another list I wrote last February....These were the Opportunities I was grateful for!

  • For meeting Abdul, I learned many, many things! Some very good and others taught me what I don't want in my life.
  • For meeting his children. I learned what step-parenting is truly about and realized my limits as a step-parent for which I took on more than I could handle.
  • For the house I built on Amber Lane, a real WOW!
  • For having what I "thought" I wanted, then realizing that unless my heart is truly, truly happy, within all that stuff is just "stuff"!
  • For the money opportunites that I've had. I've made a lot of money and spent just as much and in the end more or less did not make a difference as the outcome was just the same! WOW!
  • For having my apartment. It is new, warm and cozy and safe from harmful words and harmful behaviours.
  • For the lessons I'm learning NOW, like - who am I really, who do I really want to be and what do I want in the second half of my life.
  • For having a kind and loving heart.
  • For the lessons I've learned the hard way.
  • For the fabulous friends I have.

May you find as much inspiration/insight in my lists as I do today and may it inspire you to create your own list of gratitude! LOVE TO YOU ALL......

P.S. Take a look at The Astonishing Power of Gratitude by Wes Hopper under our favorite websites!