Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have always struggled with numbers & the absolute science of mathematics. I simply zone out when numbers are spewed at me. Oh, how I try to focus on the logic! But no, I can not fathom the stream of data. And now I know why. It is just like religious tenets, that always purport "the only way", I can not live in the confines of what others tell me as 'fact'. I rebel!!! I will not be a slave to numbers! Age, cholesterol, credit ratings, savings, scale weight, averages, IQs, oh & soooo many others. NO! I will not be a slave to what others stress as 'necessary numbers'. Angry, always to be dictated to...... Be free, do not let the numbers make you feel like a failure, just because they are not the figures that shape & form your life. Let go of what society says you MUST obtain, by the numbers! Free yourself to make your own numbers or not, as you wish! Do not confine me & do not reduce me to a number. I am not the science. I am the spirit! And so are you!

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  1. The only number I've ever liked is "what time is dinner".....Way back when in junior high school our grade cards were printed with whatever kind of ink that allowed me to change my math D's and F's into B's with one swipe of my like colored mom never figured it out, I felt really smart and with calculators on our computers and cell phones....I'm good!