Thursday, March 31, 2011


From the Unity online newsletter... a great book excerpt below about Faith!

Focus Your Faith!

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April’s Theme: Step Out in Faith
April’s Affirmation: I am strong, positive and powerful.

What Is Faith?
This excerpt by Robert Brumet is from his book The Quest for Wholeness: Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World.

“… Faith is intrinsic within the mind of every human being. It operates within each of us. We are often admonished to ‘have faith,’ but actually we cannot nothave faith! Faith is fundamental to our nature. To have faith usually means to focus our faith in a particular direction. Yet faith is always operating in our consciousness, no matter how doubtful or fearful we may feel.

“… Fear is having faith in certain images created by the mind rather than having faith in the creative power of the mind itself. … If we do not discharge this emotional energy from the body, these images will continue to haunt the mind. In a sense, we choose our reality because we, knowingly or unknowingly, choose where we place our faith.”

Listen to this recent podcast from Unity Online Radio about faith with Rev. Della Reese and Dr. Maya Angelou.

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