Friday, March 18, 2011

corner of my eye

Sometimes I get a fast, fading, brilliant flash of truth. I see it in my periphery, but can not catch or hold it. It is the moment of real & I know it to be buried under many layers of civility & acceptance. I know in that nano second EVERYTHING, but I can not retain it, can not hold it & can not explain it. I only know it is the real. That split second gives me all that I need to carry on, go forth & feel. It is the ancient thread of all that is human & all that is not. I feel peace just knowing that the serene assurance of continuity exists. We are kept away from this knowledge, but it is in our very DNA & can not be denied. On the edge of sleep........ it becomes more clear , but defies the ability to define. I shall slide into the slipstream of my humanity & be content to know that I shall always know...

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