Monday, February 21, 2011


Ah, the veneer of words! How we glide over our feelings! But, it is in the unsaid that the acute emotion is often expressed. We advertise the gain, but seldom the loss. Moving forward is the goal & we tend to negate the things that bring us to the next aspect of our lives. The beauty of self honesty is simply accepting our pasts, as the very core of who we are. What I abhor now, I loved dearly, at one time. And without that experience, there is no growth, only deception of self. Do not turn your back on the pain, but realize that it becomes your strength, as you grow focused & sure. If it were not for yesterday YOU would not be who you are today. And of course, today is the day you begin anew with countless opportunities & freedom to be your true self. Thank you for the challenge & for letting me find my voice, rejoice!!!!!


  1. Wow this was exactly what I needed in this very moment Deb!! THANK YOU!! I am so grateful for you and for your ability to share from the soul! :)

  2. Deb, YOU are our SOUL SISTER! What a message from way down deep! I get it, I finally get it...once again when we peel back the layers in our complicated hearts, it brings us to the pure rawness that you write about. It's a very sad thing to me in one respect that we have to lose in order to gain and yet so bittersweet to gain in the face of adversity for the sake of bittersweet!