Monday, February 28, 2011


Untamed, unchained, unabashed, undaunted, undeterred, unshaken, uninhibited & totally fearless - this is the life I will live from this day forth. I am a warrior, a goddess & a strong spirit of undeniable womanhood. Sister, sister, mine!
Slowly do I evolve out of the dark, buttoned up & down of winter & feel the blood starting to trill in my veins. Possibilities, opportunities, I feel them coming closer with stronger steps & convictions.
My light shall not be dimmed, but bring forth more of myself to breathe in the world & breathe out my contribution to the very lives I love & those yet to be loved.
Let me not falter, but see clearly the grace of flow & acceptance of the beauty that surrounds my every sense.
This awakening into a new Spring will find me growing into my garden of bountiful happiness, as I wish it to be.
It is human to doubt, but it is also human to rise above the fear & grasp they very thing that burns us. An open heart is all I have.....

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  1. ....and what a beautiful open heart you have our dear friend! Your writings are so thought provoking and so on target to many of my own feelings which I absolutely do not ever know how to put into words! Thank you for speaking from my heart too Deb!