Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi everyone! I wanted to take a few moments to say "THANKS"!

Thanks for allowing me into your lives...

Thanks for being there for each other...

Thanks for BEING YOU!

It means very much to me! I love that the words spoken in conversation together so often seem to be uplifting. They stay with me and are available to access when I need them :)

I most recently used Deb's words about "seekers" vs. "finders" in my blog.

Thank you all for being so wise!


  1. Ah, Lisa, is we who thank you for all of your efforts to create a voice - one voice of many tones

  2. I second that Deb!! Lisa, it is because of YOU that I even remotely began to look in the universal direction! For I saw in you an enthusiasm that I had not witnessed before and a desire to achieve more and more through this wonderful Law of Attraction! THANK YOU Lisa for being our true testimony!

  3. Oh you guys, I just love you all!