Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

Ah, it has begun! And the days will tick away until this new year comes to a close & repeats a new awakening. Lovely. The cycle of endings, the birthing of new beginnings, the fine line between the two; that is were we sit as the calendar is posted & it is a new year. This is always a time of reflection, for me, of what was & an acceptance of the past, knowing that it is a ghost & gone, but always over the shoulder! The future looms uncertain, unchallenged, unknown & deliciously unpredictable.
It is business as usual, at least in the physical world, but the wheels are silently turning & will spin new surprises, opportunities, & visions. I am ready. Are you?


  1. I am so READY Deb! Ready for a new beginning! Ready for new outcomes! Ready to just be ME....fabulous, glorious, fluttering ME!