Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Steps of Life

As a mother and wife, my children and family come first. Love and cherish every moment that you can with them, wiping their tears, holding them close and praying every day for strength, health and happiness.
As a pharmacist, my patient comes first. Being the one that he/she can depend on to provide the best care possible. Placing trust in me to create a caring and honest relationship and to provide continuous care for them makes me feel worthy.
Yes, I have suffered loss in my life and have sacrificed much to be at home with my children...but I am still that motivated individual who loves a challenge. My love for life and what the future may bring is all I need to keep me going. Whether it is being a mom, a pharmacist or building my Mary Kay business, I know I can do anything that I put my mind too.
Look to the future. Learn from your past. Move forward and live life ALWAYS!


  1. This so beautifully expressed! I am so inspired by your words, "I know I can do anything.."!! Very powerful!! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa...I appreciate it so much!