Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sleepless At the Pines......

It's 4:09 AM and I can't get to sleep....have to work at the salon today and Friday! This medicine I'm on makes my stomach a little queasy even if I eat something (maybe I need more than a banana!)

Anyway, I was thinking I would LOVE for our group of fabulous friends to get together sometime over the holiday, (yes I know there is not a lot of holiday time left but we can make our own holiday whenever we want!) for some good food and great cheer. How about getting together for lunch or dinner some afternoon or evening at Easton? Give me your thoughts and I will coordinate a fun time. We can all bundle up and maybe even hand out those fabulous "feel good thoughts" I shared with you all and/or we could go caroling in and out of the fun would that be! CRAZY...but fun!

Please let me know your thoughts asap because I'm already excited!

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