Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Year, New Attitude

Ladies, it occurs to me that it is soon to be a new year & that is always embraced as a new beginning; a clean slate; a time of change & of course, resolutions.
There was a time, when my generation of the late 60s & early 70s, decided to "find themselves", only to wander aimlessly & flail at the edges of others ideas.
Not being one to live in the clouds, it came to me that life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. Look around, look inside. All that you ever need is given to you. It is just a question of recognition. Be inspired & you will inspire others.


  1. THIS IS SO GOOD! What a great revelation! :)

  2. WOW, Deb, this is a fabulous post! This sounds like a great discussion topic for our next meeting.....creating ourselves (how do we do it and where do we begin?) YOU have so much to teach all of us....keep sharing!