Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Good Day for Deep Thoughts...Who Am I?

It could be the most practical thing you have ever done in your life - knowing, finally, who you are. Finally, having the answer to the ancient question "Who Am I?"

It is said that this is the only question God has.
Who Am I? I Am That I Am. I Am What I Am. I Am Who I Am. I Am. Who Am I?

And so the wheels of experience, creation, are set forth to experience Who I Am.

Back to earth. Of what practical use is it for you to have the answer to this question?

On finally knowing who you are, you become a content, happy, deliberate creator of your life. You understand yourself, your life, and humanity as a whole. You feel safe in the universe. You feel at home, having found your spot and purpose. You have peace and power, joy and love for yourself and life in general. Your problems take on a new dimension as you master them. Life becomes pleasant, abundant, peaceful yet lively, and very, very enjoyable! And much, much more.

And once you know who you are, you know what the rest of life is - and beyond.

No one can tell you Who You Really Are. Words can only point you in a direction. Only you can take the final step of knowing, experiencing, being, Who You Really Are. Only you. but then again, you were born to do so, you have the inherent ability to do so.

In fact, it is the easiest thing to do, although it appears to be the hardest. Why is it the easiest?

Because it takes no time and no effort to be Who You Are.

You already are who you are. Even in denial, even when only experiencing a human fragment of Who You Really Are, you already are who you are.

It only takes time and effort to be who you are not.

Excerpted from "Who Am I?" by David Cameron

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  1. Great post Lisa! After this past year of uncertainty, I hope to fine tune who I really am in 2011!