Thursday, December 23, 2010

The eve of the Eve

Today was spent cleaning, organizing, cooking & getting ready to do more of the same tomorrow, at least until 6:00 pm, when all of our family will gather under our roof for celebrating, sharing stories of the holidays & pulling out old memories (for good or bad!).
I am so excited to have everyone here to fill the house with laughter & love. This is a new tradition for the family, as times change, families grow, children age to adulthood & the elders pass the reins down to the next generation, to host the celebrations. We have seen so many changes through the years & they are always difficult to accept. Change is always a challenge, but holidays seem to be the worst. We cleave to the way things have always been, like a small child clings to his mother's leg. This is the security & assurance of our past; the thread that remains unbroken, or so we think, until a change must happen. It is inevitable, but unwelcome. For now, I will cherish this 'new' tradition, for as long as it is possible.
I wish you all a fabulous holiday and a brilliant New Year.


  1. Good morning Fabulous friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends yesterday. Bill's kids spent Christmas Eve with us and we all went together to his mom's. We had a really good time being together. We'll be with my family today. Situations do change with the years as kids grow up and parents grow older (we never seem to get older though do we?). We need to embrace the time we have with our families because it never seems to be enough time. I'm wishing for you all a wonderful peaceful, relaxing Sunday and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

  2. Such great stories! I look forward to seeing everyone again too and think about how important it is to form little mini families to share our life experiences with too! :)

  3. My girls and I spent Christmas with my Mom and Stepdad for the first time in 7 years! Their home was beautifully decorated (if you all saw, you would know where my love of such comes from!)and the food was in total abundance! I saw both sadness and joy in their eyes....sadness for the years lost and joy for all that is still ahead. My lesson this Christmas....although we do not choose our parents, we can choose to love them for who they are.....Mom and Dad!

  4. Happy New Year Girls! I am so looking forward to our January get together! Enjoy the good weather for new years.