Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ah, today was a sad, but not unexpected, situation. I left a small gift at my dear Toni's door, for Christmas & it was stolen. I know it was not wise, but I truly wanted to have an optimistic event, in which what I believe about human nature, could be softened. Was not to be. I have no bad feelings for the one who did this, just sadness. I hope that they find the crystal candle, which I wanted my dear friend to have & know that she would always have light in her life & dainty little earrings for her sweet, supportive daughter. Little things, of no great monetary value, but a gift from my heart. Here's to whoever felt the need to abscond with the little booty: May it bring you great joy, for that is what the mission was. May you light the candle & feel warmth & brightness, in your life. Wear the earrings & let the world look upon you & smile. For surely, your need of a free gift was greater than your integrity & character. What did you really steal here? Not nearly as much as you lost. Truly, you only stole from yourself. Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh my dear friend, your friendship will never, ever be stolen from me though! And as you so eloquently wrote, may that candle light their way! It is so sad to imagine such behavour, but I still feel deeply that someone we both know took the gifts from my front door. So should you ever run into that person look very closely for burned off eyelashes as they will never see the light....no matter how closely they look! Much love to you for the beautiful gifts (if only in my heart) but more importantly for the beautiful thought of your kindness and devine friendship!